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03 April 2007

Nothing stems the flow of plugs

Now I've started plugging, I can't stop. On Good Friday tune your TV to Channel 9 at midday to see an animation based on the book of Revelation, produced by my work colleague, Simon Twist.
I had the privillege of being able to see the first sketches on the bus a couple of months back. It should be good to see the finished thing.

There's hardly a more powerful message than "I am the living one! Look, I was dead but now I am alive!"

So if you get a chance to see it, let me know what you think.

Speaking of Mr Twist reminds me of another plugging opportunity.

TWISt (at St Clement's) is the place to be for all high school aged people in Marrickville on Sundays at 4.30. We start back again after the school holidays on 22 April. Spread the word!


At 7:48 am, Blogger TimT said...

Oh, man! I am so watching that - here's hoping they didn't cut out all the cool bits about Gog and Magog, and weird four-headed heavenly creatures!

At 10:05 pm, Blogger Jonathan said...

Oh no! We can't get Channel 9 here! Not sure what's on on Friday - Mel Gibson's effort is on Sunday, for some reason.

Until very recently, St Clement's was the local mental hospital. Now it's just round the corner.

At 7:22 pm, Blogger tdix said...

Sorry all - seems there was a bit of false advertising. The animations were supplementing a documentary-styled analysis of the letters to the seven churches.

No Gog or Magog but some interesting bits anyway.


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