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"Between the idea / And the reality / Between the motion / And the act / Falls the Shadow . . . For Thine is the Kingdom"

22 March 2007

Don't junk the junket II (Living on the edge)

I'm reporting from the sunny Gold Coast on another junket. I've got access to Fox Sports which mean I can watch the World Cup live and that's definitely a plus.

I got a new nickname this time. From now on, I'm Edge instead of Scoop (you can just stick to Tim or tdix if you prefer)

Also on the junket front, today the possibility emerged of a trip to Malta and the Netherlands later on this year. No more details at the moment but certainly not something to be junked!

Which is better: Scoop or Edge?


At 2:14 am, Blogger Jonathan said...

Playing on the front foot, Tim nicks it and is gone! A very fine Edge to first slip!

At 7:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

edge is sharp+defined or the bit kind of at the end of things...hope the Edge can scoop the newtownFilmFestival 6pm next saturday 4 slideshowMan in full flight...

At 9:52 pm, Blogger tdix said...

Always happy to promote Slideshow Man.


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