The Shadow

"Between the idea / And the reality / Between the motion / And the act / Falls the Shadow . . . For Thine is the Kingdom"

26 August 2008


All too often...
I forget the things I want to remember
And remember the things I want to forget.

Half full or half fool?

The difference between an optimist and a pessimist?
The optimist says: "The shadow proves the sunshine."
The pessimist says: "The shadow improves the sunshine."

20 August 2008

The Red Centre

Alice Springs is a place that rocks.
But all that sand ends up in your socks.
It makes you see red!

07 August 2008

Once smitten, twice shy

Alas and alack (thereof)

07 August 2007

Cast your eyes this way

Fear not, faithful readers -- The Shadow is being cast once more. Unlike Ben Hur, it's not a cast of thousands. I'm not even casting my net on the other side. Perhaps I should.

It's been a while but now it's back I can promise that, as always, the Shadow will be egalitarian. It's got something for you whether you're high caste, low caste or somewhere-in-between caste. Even, dare I say it, if you are an outcast.

So welcome back to the blog that never leaves you feeling outclassed.

Just don't castigate me for the absence.

11 June 2007

Don't junk the junket III

Welcome to The Shadow in the Netherlands. Just got in today and am loving it muchly but am quite tired and have to be somewhere in a miunute.

The most surprising highlight was going past two games of cricket on the trani from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. The lowlight was the lack of sleep I has in the 24 hours in in the air and in transit.

Hopefully some pics will follow in the next few days.

29 May 2007

Is Christianity like cricket?

When you're a saint in 'bad form' and stuck on a sticky wicket; when the ball's not coming onto the bat; when you manage to hit it but you don't quite time it right or hit it straight to a fielder every time; when you're footwork is not smooth; when the ball looks more like a golf ball than a beachball; when the opposition crowd is giving you heaps; when all of this makes you doubt everything you know...what do you do?

Do you just try and bat yourself back into form; do you try and give as much strike away as possible; do you let more than usual go through to the keeper; do you come out of your crease and take a risk?


15 May 2007

News to hand

A panel of expert judges has declared the University of Newcastle (UNCLE) to be the most avuncular in Australia.

The announcement came after a gruelling 18 month testing period which saw the country's top tertiary institutions being put through their paces.

"In the end, we just thought it was the uni that you'd most want to kick a footy around the backyard with. It also had some great yarns and the best range of fart jokes!" said senior researcher, Uncle Bob.

In response, a spokesperson for the University of Sydney suggested no-one behind the Sandstone Curtain really cares.

"Some people are interested in which uni shares the most characteristics with their favourite uncle. Others aren't," she said.