The Shadow

"Between the idea / And the reality / Between the motion / And the act / Falls the Shadow . . . For Thine is the Kingdom"

07 November 2006

What's really needed

This is a hymn that I love to sing but too often shirk from doing, praying, saying or even wanting.

I need Thee Lord for I have seen
All Life may mean if led by Thee;
O master me, and make me clean
From all my sin's impurity.

Show me Thyself through life's dark maze,
When doubts assail, and fears are strong,
O strengthen me, that all my days
May know the triumph over wrong.

Help me to see Thee where Thou art,
Among the weary, sad and lost;
O give me warm, responsive heart,
To love them, too, at any cost.

Thus serving Thee where Thou dost lead,
I'll share Thy cross, Thy slave I'll be;
Until I find that all my need
Is met when I Thy face shall see.

C. G. Taylor


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